The Four Stages of Magic Ritual for Spell Casting

The Four Stages of Magic Ritual for Spell Casting

The Four Stages of Magic Ritual for Spell Casting

The Focus

Four Stages of Magic Ritual for Spell Casting - This defines the purpose of a magical ritual for spell casting which can be as simple as coming together to greet the full moon or to celebrate the harvest, in which case the ceremony would involve quite subtle build-ups and release of power, quiet chanting, poetry and reflection within the sacred space. Sometimes a candle, a poppet or cloth doll, or a wax image are used to represent a person. At this first vital stage the rest of the world recedes and only the need or the wish exists. Whether there is one person or a dozen present, the essence of the focus is the same. Concentration is the key.

The Action

This is 'the stage where actions, either physical, mental or both, endow the focus of the ritual with magical energies for spell casting. The practitioner or, 'in a more formal setting, the high priestess or priest, takes the symbol to the four quarters, incorporating in turn the cumulative powers of first the elemental substances and then the tools. The wish is then expressed as a magical intention in each of the four quarters. Movement is the key.

Raising the Power

In this is the most powerful part of the spell and is achieved, through the amplification of the magical energies. Tying knots in coloured cord, chanting or ritual dancing will increase in intensity and speed. The practitioner or group visualise the increase in energies as a cone of power, or spiralling coloured light that rises as this stage progresses.

The athame/s may be raised or arms extended vertically as high as possible above the head to absorb power from the cosmos, or a tight circle of power can be made by holding hands in the circle or entwining cords, interconnected to form a web. Increase is the key.

Release of Power

At this point when the climax is reached, there a final shout or cry, such as "The power is free" and dancers may leap high in the air. Knots are suddenly released as the cord of web is pulled taut, and those present see and feel the whirlwind rising into the sky from the accumulated cone of power. The released light suddenly becomes a silver fountain of pure energy, spurting into the sky to star or a rainbow. Release is the key.

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