Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading is bound with a number of specific and highly stylised rituals as a way  of stilling the conscious mind and allowing the visual imaging processes that form the basis of all scrying to operate. For in spite of the continuing popularity of books with hundreds of set, highly predictive meanings, tasseography is primarily an intuitive art. While working with groups of people I have found that virtually the same formation of leaves will be interpreted in widely divergent ways by individual readers, but that this intuitive interpretation provides the reader with accurate information about the questioner’s situation.

Reading From a Full Cup — Traditional Interpretations

  • A single tea leaf on the of a cup of tea heralds unexpected money to the questioner.
  • A single leaf-on the side of cup of tea suggest meeting a new friend or romance for the unattached.
  • Several floating leaves indicates exciting days ahead, while a clear surface promises rest and relaxation, even an unexpected holiday.

The handle quadrant
This represents the questioner and therefore leaves in this area concern him or her, the home and those emotionally close.

The area opposite the handle
This is the realm of strangers, acquaintances, colleagues and matters away from the home, including work and travel.

The quadrant to the left of the handle
Images here represent the past or people moving out of the questioner’s life. Any large or very dark images can suggest that there may be unresolved matters from the past that are affecting the current issue, especially if this area is crowded.

The quadrant to the right of the handle
Symbols here are indicative of people and events moving into the questioner’s life. If this area is blank it does not mean there is no future, merely that energies are concentrated on present or past endeavours.

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