Return Lover Spell

Red Candle Return Lovers Spell

Return Lover Spell

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Love is certainly not like time, for time does not return once it passes by but then love can return time and again every time you think you need it. Love’s labour should never be lost for it is one wonderful feeling that makes call life by that name and on other occasion it can be called just passing the days.

But then love I transitory in nature and in many scenarios behaves like truant little boy who finds pleasure in escaping from the grip of the mother.

In some cases, love is volatile and it is difficult to make them permanent if you do not have a true help at hand. But do not feel let down for help is at hand and that will not let you love to be lost for you are not to suffer the pangs of lost love.

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Return Lovers Spell / Red Candle Return Lovers Spell

All you need to have is one red candle; red has been the color of love for time immemorial and perhaps for this reason it thought to be more powerful in case of spells for love, in addition to that red is the colour of vitality and zeal.

After you place the candle firmly in front of you, you must prepare yourself mentally for the spell, the mental preparation is extremely necessary in case of any spell to work properly.

It is your concentration that is set to create the magic and so engage yourself fully into what you are doing and do not waver your mind. As you concentrate upon the flame and think about the person you want to cast the spell upon, slowly feel the fire within you and you will feel the burning desire to have him/her back in your life as you all this spell the name for three times and follow it with following:


“my lust is burning, my lust is boiling

I want your body to be mine and only           

Body blending with smoldering heat, to feel your body next to me    

I cast this spell to disport fast, no longer can I stay chase

So, mote it be.”



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