Moon Magic Spells – Moon Magic and when to cast a spell

Moon Magic Spells

Moon Magic Spells - Moon Magic and when to cast a spell

Moon Magic spells - Every evening the moon gathers unfulfilled wishes, discarded hopes, unwanted memories and disappointments, and takes them into herself to be restored in the morning dew.


The Waxing Moon

For all forms of attracting magic spells, especially for good fortune and career spells; also, for healing energies, visualisation work and astral projection.

The waxing  moon period begins two or three days after the new moon and lasts for almost two weeks. By halfway through this phase, the sun and moon are square to each other, which astrologically indicates a challenging aspect. The moon is visible during the daytime for much of the waxing cycle, and so can also be used for daytime or prolonged rituals. The waxing moon is associated with the Greek Artemis or the Roman Diana, Goddesses of the Hunt.


The Full Moon Magic Spells

For love spells, passion spells, marriage spells, fertility spells, abundance and sex magic.

The day of the full moon sees it rising at sunset as the moon and sun are on opposite sides of the earth and in opposite astrological signs. This therefore is a time of Instability but also a catalyst for a surge of power. When women menstruated by the moon cycles, this was the time of conception. Witches' esbats, or meetings, are held on the full moon. In addition, because the solar and lunar energies are pulling in opposite directions, there are more reported traffic accidents, more suicides and a greater incidence of emotional crises than at other times of the month.


The Waxing Moon Magic Spells

For banishing magic spells, psychometry, divination and past life work. 

Beginning at the full moon, the moon rises an hour later ever night: by the half-waning phase, sets at noon and is visible every morning. During the waning half-moon crescent, the sun and the moon again form a square to each other. This is  the time for reaping what was begun in the waxing moon or at least completing the first stage, and healing involving removing pain or anxiety. As the visible moon grows smaller, so do the energies flow towards the state of stillness and letting go of what is redundant. The waning moon is ruled by the Crone Hecate, Goddess of Night.


The Dark of The Moon

No Magic is practiced

The dark of the moon, the dark moon gives away to the new moon, new energies emerge once more and there is rebirth of hope and new beginnings.

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